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Propylene: the road ahead is down the road, and the road turns upward

At the beginning of the week, the market of propylene was stable, and the production of some of the cyclopropyl and butyl alcohol units was reduced. The market of polypropylene powder market is weak, even at a time in the state of loss; There are PDH factories in the area and the sales of propylene in the refinery increased. The source of propylene has increased trend and the price of propylene market has been stable. But near the end of the weekend, the powder market improved, profit increased, and the purchasing motivation of propylene rebounded. The supply of propylene has been reduced and the market of propylene has been reduced. As of now, the mainstream price of shandong propylene market is 6970-7050 yuan/ton, the high price has been pushed up by 50 yuan/ton, the refinery is shipped smoothly, and the market is getting better. ) But in the news, market prices have rebounded.

During the month, the dehydrogenation device for the dehydrogenation device is expected to last for a month. The shipment of dongming mixed alkyl dehydrogenation device is not normal; The refinery, such as qicheng and the alliance, have been overhauled. There are few sources of imported goods, and the supply of propylene in China has been weakened and the supply of propylene is tight in the short term. In the downstream aspect, the market of polypropylene powder market is obvious, the market price still has room to rise, the powder factory's enthusiasm for the market of propylene has rebounded, and support the market of propylene. The profits of propylene oxide and butyl alcohol factory are in good condition, and the acceptance of propylene is high, and the downstream of propylene is relatively stable.

Although hebei PDH unit quantity of propylene export, shandong outside capacity increase, part of the refinery propylene to propylene market have a certain negative impact, but the comprehensive consideration of propylene supply itself, and downstream demand for propylene in shandong market form a strong support, if powder market prices continued to rise, propylene market price is still high.


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