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Development of humic acid green industry

The Chinese net news on July 21, China humic acid industry association in the great hall of the people in Beijing hosted environment friendly humic acid industry of China 60 years and 30 anniversary of the founding of China humic acid industry association celebration meeting.

Gu xiulian, vice chairman of the standing committee of the tenth National People's Congress, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. She thinks, humic acid is one of the representative in the green chemical industry, the past 60 years, China humic acid industry has made outstanding achievements, nearly half of the application in improving the environment of agricultural production in China, highlights the green function. Hope humic acid industry in order to maintain the earth's carbon cycle "safeguard" as own duty, strengthen the humic acid in the position and role of the modern agriculture, agricultural sustainable development, an integration efforts, through the "+" humic acid, deepen the "humic acid organic - inorganic nutrition", "4.0" fertilizer industry era meticulously.

Humic acid is a natural organic macromolecular material, which plays an important role in the fields of ecological management, energy conservation and emission reduction, soil restoration and water quality purification, and has been developing rapidly in recent years. According to China humic acid industry association director xian-cheng zeng, humic acid enterprise group by the rapid growth of dozens of 20 years ago to the present more than 8500, industry type up to 55, material testing database of more than 100000, is currently the industry got national patent registration, 12900, 2258 by the ministry of agriculture water soluble fertilizer registration, "techniques namely harmony" new standards 20 items, the scientific research with 15700 references.

China's special representative for climate change, xie zhenhua, vice director of the national committee of the Chinese population resources and environment committee believe that as long as do a good job in the humic acid industry, management and repair contaminated soil is promising, this to promote 1.8 billion mu of cultivated land quality and the stability of soil carbon library, is a great deal of good. He hopes that the humic acid association will promote the development of new technologies and new products, explore new modes of operation, and vigorously implement the low carbon project of humic acid.

Li shousheng, President of the China association of petroleum and chemical industry, said that humic acid industry has become the forerunner to build a beautiful China and build a harmonious society. 60 years of research and practice has proved that as an important product of humic acid, humic acid fertilizer can according to different soil and crop requirements development has the special function of specialized and diversified products, but also has the advantages of low dosage, high utilization, environment friendly, is a high quality green manure. "The great history of humic acid has just begun, and the mission of humic acid is in the ascendant. He said.

Li Shousheng recommendations, in view of the transformation and upgrading of fertilizer and soil repair the urgent situation, such as humic acid industry can study in collaborative innovation, together with the chemical fertilizer industry development can improve the effectiveness and reduce the pollution together, suitable for farming condition of our country special product, thus expanding humic acid green industry, expand the scale of the industry.

"The development of China's humic acid industry in the past 60 years has helped to promote green development of agriculture, reflecting the responsibility of the industry," said zeng yiden, director of the ministry of agriculture's crop management division. In the future, the department of agriculture will continue to support China humic acid industry to participate in scientific fertilization and arable land quality construction, to speed up the formation of green agricultural development way, together out of a production efficiency, product safety, resource saving and environmentally friendly way to develop modern agriculture.

Gu zongqin, director of the China nitrogen fertilizer industry association, said the combination of chemical fertilizer and humic acid will surely lead to a successful road to the development of modern agriculture.

At the meeting, China's humic acid industry association awarded the honorary title of "60 years of development of China's humic acid environment friendly industry" to 60 comrades, including wu qihoo, qin wande and zhang changshu.


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