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The green dam - nankai broad-spectrum herbicide

On July 15, green dam - nankai broad-spectrum herbicide research center at the signing ceremony was held in the "three BaLiTai campus building, the Chinese academy of engineering, institute of chemistry of nankai university professor li to attend the meeting and delivered a speech. Pesticide national engineering research center director, institute of chemistry of nankai university professor really, shandong green dam chemical co., LTD., chairman of Zhao Yan represents the two sides signed a cooperation agreement, and for the green dam with li - nankai broad-spectrum herbicide research center.

Li zhengming said, the green bully company is strong, the product that produces has characteristic; Since President Yang of nankai university pays attention to pesticide research and development, has a certain theoretical basis and accumulation, hope the two sides learn from each other in the future, strengthen exchanges and in-depth cooperation, major national demand docking, in terms of research and development of new type, environmental protection pesticides to contribute.

Sizhen and zhao yan expressed hope that the two sides should cooperate sincerely and continuously develop new achievements and jointly promote the transformation of results.

Nankai university and technology, said an official with the green dam - nankai broad-spectrum herbicide research center was set up between the two sides will be absorbed, and technology will give center biggest support, common in theoretical research, achievements, talent training, and create economic and social value actively carry out work.

(official website of nankai university)


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